Always challenging to the new era by providing high-quality products and service to customers.

Cosmetics, quasi drugs and supplements have been creating beauty and healthy life. Those products needed by people now are what we plan, develop and manufacture.

We have been releasing wide range of products into the market through our clients more than 50 years since establishment. They are based on our energy to be the first to incorporate latest theory, technique and information.

Consideration to the global environment and reliance to safety are what we also pursuit.

We will continue moving forward seeking for people’s satisfaction with our products created in harmony with our clients.

Product & Development

Product Range

Original Equipment Manufacturing Cosmetics

  • ・Skin Care Products
  • ・Hair Care Products
  • ・Cleaning Products
  • ・Personal Care Products
  • ・Fragrance

Original Equipment Manufacturing Quasi drugs

  • ・Hair-Nourishment Treatments
  • ・Permanent Wave Products
  • ・Epilation Products
  • ・Medical Cosmetic Products
  • ・Bath Additive Products

Import/Export agency for other cosmetics/quasi drugs

Product Development

  1. STEP1

    Product Planning

    • ・Product Planning
    • ・Brand Imaging
    • ・Bottle & Package Designing

    Our marketing department and designing department will create the product by listening customer’s demand. We offer from the very first and important step for the product creation. We will offer better form from our experience and know-how along with responding to customer’s needs.

  2. STEP2

    Product Development

    • ・Prescription Development/Testing
    • ・Copy Right/Patent Research
    • ・Medical/Import Affairs

    We create “product” accordance with the wishes lead by product planning concept. We make the customer’s wish into actual product by using latest knowledge of raw material and our stock of knowledge to human body and skin.

  3. STEP3


    • ・Bulk Production
    • ・Bottling
    • ・Packaging

    We manufacture products based on the prescription that is elaborately planned and developed. Our latest facilities and safety control makes product with the reliability. We also offer production for small orders as our own know-how made our production lines efficient.

  4. STEP4

    Quality Control

    • ・Material Control
    • ・Production Control
    • ・Product Control

    Based on our strict quality control standard, we control all production stages including raw material. We have confidence to our products releasing from our factory.

Company Profile

Company Name
Fine Chemetics Inc.
Date of incorporation
15th May 1957
JPY 54,000,000
Annual Account
Ichiro Takahashi
Business Nature
Manufacturer of cosmetics and quasi drugs Import/Export of cosmetics and quasi drugs OEM of cosmetics and quasi drugs
Resona Bank

[Head Office]

Horidome TH Bldg 5th Floor, 2-3-14 Nihonbashi-Horidome-cho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0012 Japan

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Head Office


36-1 Shinizumi, Narita-shi,
Chiba 286-0825 Japan

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Narita Plant
Narita Plant


Head Office
Horidome TH Bldg 5th Floor, 2-3-14 Nihonbashi-Horidome-cho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0012 Japan
Narita Plant
36-1 Shinizumi, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0825 Japan
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